Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Come Inside, It's Fun Inside

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:Come Inside, It's Fun Inside

I think my 2 year old fits the mold for a convergence with a pop culture artifact. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Trust me, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is pop culture to any kid from ages 1 - 12 probably. When it's time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to come on the t.v., it's like an alarm goes off in my son's head. 6 am is that magical time. He wakes up out of a dead sleep and yells that it is time to watch Mickey! He grabs his Mickey Mouse blanket, Mickey Mouse sippy cup, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters. He then lines all of the characters up around him so they can all watch Mickey together. Do you think he has an obsession problem? Maybe. I'm hoping he eventually grows out of it - hopefully before middle school. Don't worry the fun doesn't stop when the half hour program ends. We then commence in playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in our own house. I have been many characters in the show, Marshall (my son) is always Mickey. I don't think that is very fair.

There are many other examples of cultures that have been created by the followers of pop culture icons. For instance, Harry Potter has exploded in to the real world. Recently, I found a recipe on how to make edible Harry Potter wands on Pinterest. Facebook pages have been created, along with websites for fan discussions, amusement parks, Harry Potter tours in London, and the list could go on. The first day of the Fall 2012 semester I saw students walking around with something like "I'm here because Hogwarts doesn't accept FAFSA" on their shirts and hoodies.

Do you think people are taking this a little too far? I think its great that they are such great fans of pop culture icons but, I don't think it's healthy for people to obsess so much.


  1. I think in the instance of your son, it is ok for him to be fully immersed in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He is at an age where it is appropriate for him to be fully involved in something like that and it is an appropriate show for him to love. However, I think the problem arises when people are so obsessed with something that it takes away from more important things in their life like school, work, or personal relationships (not the people you meet online). I think that there is an age when you should stop being so involved in certain aspects of pop culture and focus your energy elsewhere...not that I am the prime subject of this but we all have things to work on

  2. Don't worry, your kid is perfectly normal. Sadly though, they don't outgrow it; the programming just changes. My youngest is eight years old and for a long time was into the same stuff your son watches. Now, they get home from school just in time to watch Spongebob. But if it's not on TV, they look it up on Netflix or Hulu. Youtube is also popular as they can find almost anything they want. It used to be that if you missed something when it was on you were out of luck. Thanks to the convergence we talked about today, we have tons of options we didn't have before. It's funny, I don't think we ever really outgrow the behavior you see in your son. Sad to say but every Sunday between September and February you will find me hunkered down in front of the TV with my Peyton Manning jersey, my Broncos hat, sweat pants, etc. watching my team play football. See what I mean, same behavior, different program.