Thursday, April 18, 2013

Youtube Success

Speaking of Youtube today,as I mentioned in class, my sister's video "Lily's Disneyland Surprise" went viral. In the TED video, he talked about what makes a video go viral, and I think the the "Unexpected" reason is why this video went viral. You wouldn't expect a little girl to cry so hard (and in a funny way) over learning she's going to Disneyland. here is the video:

In the presentation at the the beginning of class, the girls talked about how Youtube has become a place for discussion and debate, also a place to make money. Looking through the comments there are several debates about the video, and yes, my sister has made quite a bit of money. She gets a check of a little over $2000 a month from Youtube, as well as people paying 5-6 figures to use the rights to the film for various things. They have also been seen on many TV shows. I think that the TV shows has helped it go viral, and celebrities have also tweeted the video. My sister posted a sequel called "Lily's Walle Surprise" that only has a little over 65,000 views, but anything my sister posts on Youtube now gets a lot of views fast. Here is that video too:

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  1. Corey,
    I agree that the unexpected factor has a lot to do with why videos go viral, but that doesn't explain why so many people watched the second video. I watched it because I was expecting to see her cry... it is interesting that what catches our attention (the unexpected) cannot be redone with that same appeal. There has to be something else that pulls us in, in order for us to want to follow or subscribe. I subscribe to channels where I want to see more of the same...