Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A little bitta media ... changing since the technology grow.

We obviously know how much technology has changed our cultural landscape since the early 2000s. Besides changing how we communication, it has also changed our pop culture with podcasts, YouTube and Vine. The whole experience has changed how we see music, movies and television as an audience. The amount of selective content that people can produce on their own and display through social media has changed the way viewers see pop culture all together. 

According to BBC, over 28 million people watched the marriage of Charles and Diana, but only 24 million saw the wedding of Kate and William. Now events like the Oscars, Olympics and more might change the want and desire to watch the wedding. Looking from the 80s to the 2010s, their has been a shift in the amount of TV stations available for the general public.

Things became even more accessible with the establishment of Hulu. Founded from a cooperation of media giants, Hulu now allows users to stream video content on-demand. 

This platform, along with Netlfix causes a sort of Tinder or online-dating platform for television options. Now what I mean by this situation, is that online dating has made it so easy for people to access or deny different "fish in the sea," that the options have almost become overwhelming and hard to select for the viewers. 

Has technological changes given us too many choices for media and pop culture?

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