Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A "Bold" Feminist

After Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show, many Americans began to post their thoughts all over social media. Some were positive about the performance giving Lady Gaga compliments and praise. However, many others were negative and included harsh criticism that body shammed Gaga.

We live in a society today that will judge and criticize everything those around us do, as well as celebrities in the spotlight. Gaga has a unique style and way about her that catches everyone's attention. Some will disagree with her and shame, others love what she stands for and support her as her fans.

Society went wild after Gaga's appearance at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards when she showed wearing what became known as her "meat dress". Here Gaga received harsh criticism, so the after math of halftime was nothing new to her. Gaga's professional response on Twitter said it all, "Thank you to so many all over the world for the kind words. I wanted to make you smile at halftime and maybe give you one new dream you haven't had."

Despite her unique differences in pop culture, Gaga has made a name for herself. First by her extravagant dress and style and then by her side to feminism. She is a bold, independent woman who is not afraid to be who she wants to be, and by this she doesn't look to societies approval of her dress and style. The world of pop culture knew this when she showed up strutting her stuff  in her "meat dress". Many women in our society, especially those in pop culture, do not represent their feminism and independence in the way Gaga does. This has given Gaga a different following and fan base than many others in pop culture. Many may judge her, but she is an idol in this industry.
Gaga embraces her sexuality. She personifies sexy, smart, being sexual and serious. She continues whether or not men or women agree with her. On other sides, many women especially today's college students embrace feminism the way Gaga represents feminism. Women look to her and embrace the same feminism, diversity, and human equality and she does in their societies. She has been one many look up to as she stands for her own rights and makes a stand on big controversies in society such as the LGBTQ "gay" community, and gay and lesbian rights activists. Which are just a start to her large following.

Gaga is not afraid to stand up for what she believes. She is a woman who strives to be herself and stands up for many who belong to a big controversial part of our world. She is strong and will continue to move forward from any harsh criticism of herself as she shows her side to feminism and remains a strong, independent woman and idol of feminism in pop culture.

Discussion Questions: 

Do you think women's rights have been more a trend because of Gaga's presence in pop culture?

What do you think about the representation of feminism from big artists such as Gaga? 

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