Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Can the Zombie Epidemic be Cured?

Zombies have been taking over the media it seems. Pop culture is all about the undead. Chuck Klosterman in his article "My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead," says that zombies are "an ever-expanding market with no glass ceiling". I think that he is right. 
The article mentioned above brings up some really good points about how our fixation with zombies may have to do with how we feel about our own lives and/or how 'existence' really feels.Klorsterman uses the example of killing zombies over and over again is like reading and deleting emails over and over again. So it compares zombie fascination to the mundane activities of daily life.
 It is interesting how we can and do compare our life to movies. I know that some or most people may not even look at the comparisons in movies, but it can be kind of fun.
The media seems to be turning from vampires a bit and heading down the zombie path. Klosterman goes on to say that "Zombies are a commodity that has advanced slowly and without major evolution," but that the "Mainstream interest in zombies has steadily risen over the past 40 years." Recent movies and TV shows would aid to the validity of this statement. The reason seems to be due to the fact that we can relate more to the zombie genre in that we resemble zombie perfunctory actions with our day to day functions. The fantasy of killing zombies, however, is what we relate to most because we want to get out of the routine acts of life.
We have all heard of "The Walking Dead", "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies", "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", "Night of the Living Dead", and many others, but after reading Klosterman's article, I felt it necessary to bring up a new zombie show that has taken people by surprise. The new (2015) series entitle "iZombie" on the CW is not your typical zombie show. Instead of zombies being a nuisance and easy to kill, they seem like regular people that can integrate themselves into society. 
In iZombie, Olivia (Liv) Moore is just a medical resident who ends up becoming a zombie and starts working for a morgue and helping the police solve crimes. The opening credits shows how ordinary Olivia's life can be and how, besides the occasional brains for lunch, she is very relatable. The different challenges she has in life change from being boring and mundane to having to deal with the "real" zombie issues. We relate to Liv as she goes through her struggles of being a zombie because we see our own boring life and struggles through her. In a sense we can live vicariously through her.

In life, we do not recognize we are trapped until the end and just like the "principle downside to any zombie attack is that the zombies will never stop coming; the principal downside to life is that you will never be finished with whatever it is you do". Life will always have it's ups and downs and boring times. And it is through watching these films and TV shows, that we are able to process the fact that there are just somethings we can't change about how are life is going.

Q: Do you think that the Zombie 'epidemic' will dissipate anytime soon? Why or why not?
Q: What do you think about when you watch a zombie movie? Is it just a movie or do you look at it more metaphorically?

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