Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tutorials- Making People Famous

Many women, and men, have began to do fashion vlogs including make-up, skin care, hair tutorials, etc.  Burgess and Green found that 2,177 videos come up coded as user-created sources throughout their research. About forty percent of these included vlogs. Vlogs are a type of conversation through the creation of video. These people create video content while giving tutorials on how to do beach waves, the "top knot", "summer make-up", in home self tanner, etc.  Some of these people have become quite popular with their vlogs, and have people all over the world doing their own tutorials from home.

One I have personally followed for a couple years now is Cara Loren. She does different fashion tutorials to show how she does her hair, make-up, etc. She is from Utah so this is one I familiar with. Overtime she has become even more and more popular with her vlog tutorials, fashion blog etc. However, there are so many men and women doing these across the country. 

These tutorials have become popular over the last couple of years and have become quite the hit across YouTube. These continue to seek popularity as people across YouTube show the world what products and brands they use. This is something that they have integrated into their lives and post these tutorials quite frequently. " YouTube only really makes sense when understood as something that people make use of in everyday life," (pg. 47).

With YouTube tutorials becoming quite the trend across America, during the creation of many of these tutorials, things have gone wrong. This has resulted in popularity to the video. It is almost comical the amount of "gone wrong" moments in the recently popular make-up, skin care, hair tutorials, etc. Many of these people have attracted large audiences with their "fail" moments.

The metrics analyzed from raw frequencies of views, comments, response videos, and additions to users' favorites, ultimately make the published content popular. It is up to the user if they deliberately create content in attempt to receive attention and popularity from it, or if they publish content that draws in smaller audiences (pg. 41).  In these tutorial's "gone wrong", these users have published anyway with the intent to receive popularity. And it works! We watch these and make them extremely popular.

The most recent "gone wrong" tutorial has been the charcoal mask. The charcoal mask is supposed to remove black heads and leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. After applying, it has been a difficult removal process causing pain while ripping off tiny baby hairs on the face. People have vlogged this to share with the world what they just experienced, and many people caught on sharing these videos all over social media.

My questions to you..

1.       If you recorded a video and something went terribly wrong, would you still post it?
2.       Have you tried any particular tutorials yourself at home? Was it successful?

3.       Why do we as a society continue to watch these and make people famous? 


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit that I have watched quite a few tutorial fail videos. Though I have watched a few beauty tutorials and actually learned a few things, my favorites are the ones where simple beauty tips go wrong. There is something fascinating about watching a young girl hold a lock of her hair that she just burned off with a curling iron. I know I should be ashamed of myself but I'm totally fascinated that some many of these videos are still posted. It's as if the creator wants to be famous even if the cost comes at the expense of their dignity.

    To be honest, I don't think I would post a video of something that went terribly wrong. I think twice before posting a video of something that goes well. I guess I'm just too concerned about my identity management or maybe I'm just too much of an introvert to share my life so publicly. Though I would be willing to post Pinterest fails. Pinterest fails are are my favorite.

    I try youtube tutorials all the time, especially cooking or simple crafting tutorials. They are incredibly helpful and I have been able to learn entirely new skills from watching Youtube tutorials. Personally, I'm grateful there are people willing to post and share information for free. One of the greatest gifts of the modern world is new educational content. I am so grateful for what that content has given to me.

  2. 1. Oh gosh would I never, haha. But in all reality, I wouldn't even if it gathered laughs. I think for myself it wouldn't be the "image".

    2. I think honestly we watch people for laughs, entertainment or happiness that our lives aren't like theirs. I also think we watch for the sake of knowledge. Gathering what we think someone has done right and doing that ourselves.