Monday, April 3, 2017

Communicating with the Dead

Over the years paranormal movies have become quite popular within pop culture. In high school my friend group had caught on to this as it became a trend to watch scary movies and TV shows that included paranormal activity.

It was during this time that I would get together with friends and watch terrifying movies that would scare us all to death.  I say terrifying because most paranormal movies tend to get under your skin. By this I mean while your laying in bed at night every creak and noise makes you sink deeper and deeper into your covers. Many of us went through this trend because it gave us high school kids something to do that seemed a little rebellious and kept us on our toes. It also made the cute boy cuddle with you while you watched the scary movie (or vice versa).

Some of the videos and TV shows we watched included:
  •  Paranormal Activity 1, 2, 3, etc.
  •  The Conjuring
  • American Horror Story
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Ghost Adventures

These all showed paranormal activity whether it had taken over a home or had affected one's life and possessed them. These absolutely terrified me. And although it terrified me, we got some crazy ideas from shows such as Ghost Hunters and wanted to try them out for ourselves.

This show gave us our own inspiration and led a group of friends and I to an abandoned cemetery called Mercer Cemetery. These grave sites had old (scary) dolls left at them, baby clothes, etc. and were creepy to say the least. We played around there trying to speak to whomever may be there. There was an instance when I am not sure if it was someone messing with us or we really did hear a knock after asking, "If anyone is here let it be known on the count of three. One…Two..Three".

Studies between 2001 and 2005 show that beliefs were rising for four paranormal phenomena's. These included haunted houses, ghosts, communication with the dead, and witches. There has been debates about whether traditional religious beliefs should be included under the umbrella of the paranormal.  Irwin cautions against leaving out religious beliefs because of connections between angles, miracles and the paranormal. I don't think bringing religion into paranormal activity is a smart idea. In fact, I don't think messing with paranormal activity in the first place is a smart decision. Not only is it terrifying, but it can truly mess with one's life.

"The paranormal opens doors into possible worlds" (pg 40).

Discussion Questions

1. Do you think there is a difference between spiritual beliefs and paranormal beliefs?
2. Have you ever tried to communicate with the dead?
3. Will we continue to see paranormal within pop culture?

P.S. I have never seen The Poltergeist and the video clip included in this week's readings made me scream out loud!

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