Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Black Panther- Popular Discrimination

Image result for popular               Every day we are exposed to television and media that has been filtered by companies who find it profitable to reveal such popular products. In the topic of popular discrimination we learn in John Fisk's writing that "the product of capitalism always exceeds the needs of the people, so popular discrimination begins with the choice of products to use in the production of popular culture and then passes on to the imaginative thinking of the meanings and pleasure produced from them with the conditions of everyday life." (Pg. 216) With this way of thinking in popular Society and media we could be forced to think something about our society that really isn't accurate. We are being led to an idea that uses popular discrimination. I am one who has been deceived by the influence of media because of this particular topic.  I found that not only has it made me feel less of myself but also gave me a false reality of how the world really is.
               One particular piece of media that broke out of this popular discrimination mindset was the movie Black Panther. This movie became such a success despite the barriers and the unpopular feelings towards creating such a movie. What made this movie go beyond the norm was that it was a predominantly Black cast with Caucasian people being in very small representation. This movie is breaking barriers because normally the success of movies would have the reverse demographic within the movie; where the mind set was that there needs to be predominantly white with minorities being in a film with very small representation. The movie Black Panther has more than 1.2 billion dollars-worth of revenue throughout the world. The success of this movie had broken barriers and also achieved things many people of all races didn't know was possible.
Image result for black panther               In an article by Carvell Wallace called Why Black Panther Is a Defining Moment For Black America, he mentions a quote by Jamie Brodnax, the founder of Black Girl Nerds, a popular cultural site focused on sci-fi and comic book fandoms. "" Black Panther", by contrast, is steeped very specifically and purposefully and it's blackness.  "It's the first time and I was very long time that we are seeing a film with centered black people, where we have a lot of agency." These characters, she noted, "are rulers of on Kingdom, inventors and creators of advanced technology. We're not dealing with black pain, black suffering, and black poverty"-- the usual topics of acclaimed movies about the black experience."

Image result for hidden figures               For years it has been a mindset that movies based on black people do not gain traction in popularity. Society would use popular discrimination to focus on movies that constantly put minorities as the minority in films. Black Panther happens to be the game changer. In an article by Alison Wilkinson, called Black Panther Crushed Oversee Sales Projections, she shares the question “Can we stop saying "black films don't travel"?”, she mentions this idea "You'd think the myth-- which suggests that movies telling stories about black people, with black actors in the lead roles, aren't interesting too many people outside of North America-- would have died now. But it persists, not just in the expectations that movie studio executive set for "black films," but also in what they're willing to invest in those films. Black panther, though, may have changed the game." There are plenty of different films, "black films", that have grown so well and that disproves this myth such as Blade, Bad Boys, Ray, Creed, Hidden Figures, and Moonlight which won Best Picture of the year in 2016.
Image result for creed               The more we continue to hold back from reality and push forward popular discrimination the less growth we will see in our nation and Society. Steps are needed to be climbed, walls needed to be broken, and stumbling blocks need to be removed in order for popular media to reach its full potential.
Are we holding ourselves back by focusing on popular discrimination in media?
What other things is popular discrimination preventing us from as a nation or society?

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